Kicktastic (aka: the dudes at FortySeven Media & Bright Newt) present:

How to make your web shop Freakishly Profitable

We know how hard it is to run a web agency and stay alive. Trust us, we've spent a combined 25 years trying to figure it out. Let us help you:

  • Learn how to have plenty of work and great clients who respect you and pay on time.
  • Always be ahead on payroll, bills, and taxes - plus have money in the bank.
  • Have the time to hone your skills or get serious about side projects.

Includes 2.5 hour workshop, printable workbook & more!

Allan Branch

Here's years of running a business consolidated into a few hours of action packed audio & video. My advice? Buy it.

Allan Branch,

Freakishly Profitable has already scared up results at these conferences:

Be a lean, green, money making machine

Imagine working less that 40 hours a week, having more than 2 months of savings in the bank and saying yes only to the projects you really like. If that sounds pretty farfetched to you, then you’d benefit from going through all the Freakishly Profitable training. We’d like to show you what’s possible and help you find that sweet spot.

Stop the bleeding

Most small businesses fail because they never find a sustainable profit margin. They spend more than they make and bleed out over time. Freakishly Profitable will teach you how to take inventory of your time and resources and keep costs down.

Planning & Sales

It’s safe to say that most web designers or developers do NOT want to be salespeople. But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn about sales, begin practicing the best stuff, and toss out all the icky, infomercial-style garbage. Let’s dive into how to you can grow your business and get new clients without greasing back your hair and wearing a polyester suit.


Don’t get “scared” off by the word hiring. We’re talking about delegating small, low-leverage tasks so that you can focus on what you do best. Perhaps it’s time for you to open your mind, let go of some control, and enjoy the benefits of having extra help.

Diversify Your Income

Imagine a one-legged monster. He’d be pretty easy to push over, right? The same is true of your business. We’ll give you lots of ideas for turning your business into an octopus. (Yeah, yeah, we’re mixing metaphors. Deal with it.)


Putting an efficient billing process into place was the single most profitable thing we’ve ever done. We’ll cover pricing, billing frequency, payment processing, and more. By the end of Freakishly Profitable, you’ll know exactly how to remove the scary parts from the money roller coaster.

Workshop Timeline


  • 1:35Hello
  • 2:24Stop The Bleeding
  • 3:04Keep Your Overhead Low
  • 10:08Know Your Profit Margin
  • 13:41Track Your Time
  • 22:36Have a Plan for New Business
  • 28:32Fire Bad Clients
  • 35:53Institute a Company Day


  • 0:00Cast a Wide Net
  • 17:53Don't Get Fooled Twice
  • 20:38Don't Get Discouraged
  • 25:53Planning
  • 34:34Important vs. Not Important
  • 42:01Manage Your Sales Activities
  • 49:06Ask for Referrals
  • 52:56Pay Attention to the Pipeline
  • 55:18Pre-Filter Clients


  • 0:00Hiring
  • 0:30Hiring an Assistant
  • 7:26Hiring Contractors
  • 14:57Hiring Employees
  • 17:13Hiring a Salesperson
  • 20:23Diversifying
  • 20:41Create Products
  • 21:31Minimum Engagements
  • 23:28Become an Affiliate
  • 26:13Membership Programs
  • 31:05Billing
  • 31:11Raise Your Rates
  • 33:25Require a Deposit
  • 35:50Invoice Regularly
  • 39:45Sell Retainers

Hi, we’re Jon, Austin & Nate

We want you to make craploads of money

Jon Longnecker Austin Church Nate Croft

This workshop is the result of thousands of hours managing our own businesses, helping coaching other freelancers and creative shops through Kicktastic and doing workshops at awesome conferences.

Nate Croft & Jonathan Longnecker of FortySeven Media have been building kick-awesome sites for rad clients since 2005. They've spoken at numerous conferences, started the Kick Awesome Show and have been teaching other web shops how to stay profitable since 2012. In case you hadn't noticed they like to have fun, too.

Austin started Bright Newt back in 2009 as a creative services shop that offered copywriting, marketing strategy, branding, and SEO. But since the launch of Mustache Bash in April 2012, he has focused more on making apps for iOS and Android and app-related products. Bright Newt apps have several things in common: quirky themes, smooth functionality, and heaps of sarcasm. Austin’s hair really isn’t all that cool, but his personality makes up for it.

21 key things you'll learn from this online workshop

  1. Understand Your Profit Margins
  2. Ideas for Getting New Business
  3. How to Pre-Filter Clients
  4. When to Create Your Own Products
  5. The Right Reasons to Raise Rates
  6. Why You Should Require a Deposit
  7. Accepting Digital Payments
  8. Keeping Your Overhead Low
  9. How to Use Your Time Wisely
  10. Tips for Keeping up with Prospects
  11. Taking Charge of Your Email
  12. Contract Tips for Web Shops
  13. Where to Find Contractors
  14. Diversifying Income
  15. Billing & Invoicing System
  16. How to Hire an Assistant
  17. Staying Profitable and Stress-Free
  18. Growing your Business
  19. How to Hire Properly
  20. Eliminate Unneeded Expenses
  21. Start Doing What You Love Again

Sounds awesome! What can I get?

2.5 Hour Workshop

The full workshop audio, broken into 3 segments with a video option synced visually to the presentation slides.

3 45 Minute Audio & Video Files


Want to see results? Write your plans down. This nicely designed workbook has lots of room for taking notes.

1 30 Page PDF Workbook

25+ Video Tips

We dig even deeper into each section with these fun 2-5 minute clips. There’s more than 25 of them!

25 2-5 minute mp4 video files


Audio interviews with the best in the web business: Chris Coyier, Gene Crawford & Carl Smith.

3 1 Hour mp3 Audio Files

Monster Morsels

Get some quick inspiration from these mini books. Learn how to finish products, sell them and stay profitable.

3 PDF Mini Books

Product Autopsy

Bonus: Nate, Jon & Austin chat about the transition from Kicktastic to Freakishly Profitable.

1 30 Minute MP3 Audio File

Troy McNeil

This Freakishly Profitable stuff is blowing my mind. It only took two minutes before hearing something that I could immediately implement to help my business grow!

Troy McNeil, Brave Billy

Ready to make more money, work fewer hours & have more fun?

let's get freaky!

The value this workshop delivers is the result of a combined 25 years of research and experimentation in our own businesses. Freakishly Profitable costs a couple hundred bucks less than the workshop, so it’s a no-brainer. (And yes, that’s a really bad Frankenstein pun.)

Choose your package carefully:


Kinda Freaky

  • 2.5 Hour Workshop Audio Includes 2.5hrs worth of audio MP3 files
  • Companion Workbook Includes 30pg PDF document
Currently Unavailable

Pretty Freaky

  • 2.5 Hour Workshop Audio Includes 2.5hrs worth of audio MP3 files
  • Companion Workbook Includes 30pg PDF document
  • Workshop Screencast Get the workshop as a screencast synced to the keynote slides
  • 25+ Video Tips Includes 25+ mp4 videos (3-5 min ea.)
Currently Unavailable

Super Freaky

  • 2.5 Hour Workshop Audio Includes 2.5hrs worth of audio MP3 files
  • Companion Workbook Includes 30pg PDF document
  • Workshop Screencast Get the workshop as a screencast synced to the keynote slides
  • 25+ Video Tips Includes 25+ mp4 videos (3-5 min ea.)
  • Interviews Includes 3hrs+ worth of audio MP3 files
  • Monster Morsels Includes 3 PDF Mini-books
  • Product Autopsy Includes 30min audio MP3 file
Currently Unavailable

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